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Recently, several research groups have been concentrating on digitizing the historical and cultural legacy. While the general assumption is that the preservation of heritage through technology is essential and useful, not much research has been conducted to trace the actual needs of cultural heritage users or the eventual uses of digital databases. The Museum Lab contributes in filling up this gap, investigating and developing practical applications of emerging technologies for cultural heritage that are user-centred and interactive. It also contributes, not only to the preservation of cultural heritage, but also to its exploration, understanding and negotiation through user interaction. Τhe overall aim of the CYENS Museum Lab is to deal with real problems in the wild and collaborate with existing heritage sites and museums to involve all communities in an inclusive and participatory way.  


The Museum Lab is dedicated to the exploration of emerging technologies inside and outside museums and other heritage sites. We are an interdisciplinary team with expertise in museum studies, history, arts, archaeology, photography and new technologies such as 360 photography/video, photogrammetry, 3D modelling and AR/VR.

Current Research Interests: Museums and difficult heritage; Arts and technology; The future of technology in museums and heritage sites with special attention in the concepts of presence, embodiment and multisensory experiences; Participatory and inclusive technologies; Deep mapping.


 Leader: Dr Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert

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