Emerging Technologies

 The Museum Lab in cooperation with other CYENS groups can advise museums or other GLAM institutions wishing to incorporate emerging technologies in their premises or collections. CYENS can help with the development of the relevant content and technologies depending on the institution’s needs, aims and budget.  Our team has expertise in museum studies, history, archaeology, cultural policy, education, and new and emerging technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, mobile applications, online platforms development, data collection and analysis etc

Museum Study

If you are thinking about creating a new museum or remodeling one, a museum study can act as a guide to all steps towards the completion of a project and ideally it should be commissioned as early as possible. It can also act as a tool for fundraising. For new museums, ideally a museologist/ museum studies team should be included in the planning team along with the architect/ architecture team.

Usually, the aim of a museum study is to design the main concept (what differentiates it from other museums), themes and main narrative of each museum. It also maps the visitor journey (how the visitor will move inside the museum), content and design of each gallery space, and possible new technologies used for each theme/room. Finally, it provides guidelines for the architect, electrical engineer, graphic designer, and museographer of the project, as well as a detailed timetable and budget for the next steps.

Exhibition Curation

The Museum Lab also provides curation services for Museums or other cultural institutions aiming to stage a permanent or temporary exhibition that includes new technologies. In cooperation with the host organization offers advice on the design, content and flow of an exhibition as well as proceed with the implementation of the final ideas in collaboration with the exhibition’s architect, graphic designer and marketing team.  Implementation can include selection of exhibits, content writing, exhibition catalogue editing and promotion.