Aphrodite’s Sisters Crowdsourcing

This is Aphrodite of Soloi from Cyprus. This is such an iconic image for Cyprus that is found in every Cypriot passport. Have you seen this Aphrodite or a copy of it in any material? (a statue, a poster, a piece of jewelry, a passport, or any other product?). If yes, please help us collect her “sisters” and their stories.


Step 1:

Take a picture of the object (original or copy) or, even better, a selfie with it

Step 2:

Upload your image using one of these three methods:

As part of your submission, please answer these three questions:

  1. Where is your object found?/ Where is your photograph taken?
  2. Do you have any personal relationship with this object? If yes, what is it?
  3. Beyond the Aphrodite of Soloi, what does the goddess Aphrodite in general mean to you?

By submitting material, you give permission for your image and text to be used for the purposes of the project “Aphrodite’s Sisters”. The project is part of “Creative Commissions 2022: Creating Diasporic Worlds” and will be presented at the Cyprus High Commission in London.


The team: Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert, Antigone Heraclidou, Giorgos Papantoniou and Christine Morris