Museums and Presence  

We are happy to inform you about our new book coming out in the next months by Routledge, exploring Presence in Museums and the role of new and emerging technologies. 


The edited volume examines the theoretical underpinnings of the concept of ‘presence’ for museum spaces offering a critical examination of how immersive and other emerging technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, interactive (multisensory) installations and AI, can affect or enhance our sense of presence and embodiment. 


Through different case studies and innovative cutting-edge projects from around the world, the volume delves into the different aspects relating to ‘presence’ and technology such as immersion, embodiment, empathy, emotion, engagement and affect. This volume constitutes a first attempt to critically examine the current developments in this area and to provide an answer to key questions such as: how can technology facilitate our sense of presence, enrich our affective responses, or connect us to authentic objects? How can museums potentially focus on the embodiment capabilities of technology and on offering multisensory experiences that can generate empathy, historical presence, and a sense of personal growth? In essence, how can technological solutions be conceived as immersive vehicles of embodiment and presence and what key issues should be considered?  


The volume brings under the same roof many fields and areas of inquiry to establish a common multidisciplinary ground and open a critical dialogue on the future of emerging technologies related to immersion and presence. It combines the perspectives of both academics as well as curators, who have developed immersive experiences, and artists/creative producers, with experience in interdisciplinary art projects. 


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