The aim of the project is to “bring to life” the Magic objects Room of the Fairytale Museum in Nicosia, with the help of technology. The children will be able to choose any of the magic objects of the room and will place them on a table. The object will be recognised by sensors and each object will trigger a semi-immersive experience, with animations being projected both on the wall and on the floor, giving a sense of immersion to the children. Each animation will include a narration related to the particular object. The experience will be available in both Greek and English and will be launched in 2021 in the Fairytale Museum in Nicosia.

The project is the result of the competition “Let Technology Rise You Up – Open competition for Museums and Cultural sites”, which was launched in May 2019 by the Museum Lab. The competition was addressed to museums which were interested in a collaboration aiming to incorporate emerging technologies that would help them meet the needs of the current digital era and become more visible and attractive.

The winner of the competition was the Fairytale Museum in Nicosia and the developed exhibition is fully funded and developed by CYENS with the help of the winning museum.