The project concerns the preparation of a Game Application (treasure hunt type) using innovative digital technologies including augmented reality (AR) technology. The game was commissioned by the Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Tourism.


The game will include 20 points of interest, that will be represented by 20 fountains, found in different villages in the areas relevant to the Heartland of Legends, a route created by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, which passes through mountainous areas, aiming to offer authentic experiences to visitors and tourists, and bring them closer to Cypriot nature, tradition, and way of life.


Game participants will be looking to discover digital dragons ‘hidden’ in these fountains. Through the application, a small story will unfold, inspired by Cypriot stories, traditions, fairy tales and legends and also by unique local characteristics of each village.


The project aims to promote Cypriot tangible and intangible cultural heritage and folklore traditions and is inspired by works of Hambis, a seminal figure of Cyprus in the art of engraving.


The project is a collaboration between the Museum Lab and the ITICA MRG.