When creating a new museum or remodelling one, a museum study acts as a guide to all steps towards the completion of a project. The aim of a museum study is to design the main concept, themes and main narrative of each museum. It also maps the visitor journey (how the visitor will move inside the museum), content and design of each gallery space, and new technologies used for each theme/room.


The Museum Lab provides museum studies and exhibition curation services with an emphasis on emerging technologies and interactive media. And can also provide for the development of the relevant content and technologies.


The most recent example of such project is the museum study developed by the Museum Lab in 2022 for the new Marios Tokas Museum that was commissioned by the Municipality of Ipsonas. In the context of the study, the research team developed the main concepts, themes and narratives of the museum and mapped the content and design of each gallery space, the new technologies that will be used for each theme/room, as well as the overall needs of the building and the operational procedures of the museum.


Research Team


Dr Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert, Associate Professor, Cyprus University of Technology/ Museum Lab Group Leader, CYENS Centre of Excellence


Dr Maria Shehade, Senior Research Associate, Museum Lab, CYENS Centre of Excellence