The Museum Lab participated in the development of a new educational program called, “Luck in the Walls”  initiated by the Ministry of Education and Culture in the framework of the module  Museum Education.  

Starting from Eleftheria Square, exploration, discovery, experiential action, reflection and correlations take place, around the Davila Bastion. 

How the design, the functionality, but also the destruction of cities of the past and the present, influenced and still affect the “luck” of the people. 

Specifically, the children are invited through a series of experiential activities to complete a mission, in the framework of which they study the creation of the walls, the need for defense of the city, the conditions of its siege and conquest, through the eyes of a child of medieval Nicosia. At the same time, each child uses a tablet device with interactive digital games, in order to discover differences and mainly similarities, in relation to how the destruction of a city affected and affects the “luck” of children. 

Research – Writing – Editing – Application: Christiana Papadopoulou and Clio Flourentzou 

Supervision: Teresa Lamprianou, Dimitra Messiou, Panagiota Roussou-Michaelidou. 

Software development: Panagiotis Kyriakou (CYENS) 

Animation Illustration Design: Lydia Kyprianou. 

Scientific Advisor: Elena Poyiadji – Richter.